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Andrés Amador’s Playa Paintings

Not all art has to be placed in a gallery; site-specific works are great in turning the space around the work into a masterpiece as well. Temporary art is also incredible, because like sand mandalas, great skill and patience is required to create the piece, but within seconds of completion, it could easily be destroyed. The artist, as well as the viewer, learns to appreciate the making of the piece, rather than the finished product.

What artist Andrés Amador does is combine site-specific with temporary. His land art is created by making indentations in the sand with a rake. Low tide allows for the beach to become his canvas, while high tide washes away his work, allowing for a new, clean canvas to be available for his next ideas.

He may not be Robert Smithson, but Amador’s art is still a marvelous example of how one can turn the land into an art piece itself.

And he even invites others to make the works with him!

-Anna Paluch